Export factoring

Export factoring

Export factoring, international growth accelerator

Are you expanding abroad? Do you want to raise funds against your export invoices, and are you looking for services to manage your export invoices and protect them against the risk of non-payment?


Selling your export invoices to BNP Paribas Factor will enable you to quickly fund your cash flow needs and give you protection against your financial risks while retaining substantial flexibility in your trade negotiations and overcoming geographical, language and legal barriers.

Our customised services include:


Cash against your export trade receivables within 24 hours:
In 8 currencies and from invoices issued in nearly 100 countries.


Protection against non-payment of your export invoices:
We can optimise your existing credit insurance policy or provide you with protection against non-payment.


Dunning undertaken in the language of that country:
Our people are experts in collecting payments and have effective tools for chasing payments from your customers based abroad.


Multilingual recovery,
and potential legal action, in accordance with local legislation: Our people are experienced in international trade practices and each country’s regulatory and economic framework.

Export factoring with BNP Paribas Factor means:

Export factoring - Modern

Stop waiting for your export invoices to be paid: Your cash needs are met within 24 hours of issuing your invoices!

Export factoring - Flexible

Our plans are fully scalable and are tailored to your company’s needs.

Are you looking for quick release of funds and do you want to retain management of your collections or would you prefer to outsource your receivables management?

With BNP Paribas Factor, all options are possible to best meet your needs.

Export factoring - Invaluable

BNP Paribas Factoring is one of Europe’s leading factoring companies, offering the market’s most extensive cover: 17 sister companies worldwide. We are also a member of Factors Chain International (FCI), the world’s No 1 factoring network, covering more than 100 countries.

In France, BNP Paribas Factor has won several international awards, including the “Best Import-export factor” award, awarded by FCI, which has been won by BNP Paribas Factor for the last 5 years. We were also awarded Best Factoring Institution 2016 by Trade & Forfaiting Review.

Export factoring - Accessible

Every one of our clients is supported by a team who are experts in the export issues you face.

What’s more, with our effective digital tools, available 24/7, you can manage your export receivables online: Submit your invoices online and track the funds released in real time; electronically sign the factoring contracts and their amendments, etc. All the information is continually updated, freeing up time for you to focus on your business.

Our export services are designed for companies of all sizes, from small businesses to multinationals, and are fully tailored to your needs. Contact us for a customised assessment.

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