Improve the management of your cash flow

Improve the management of your cash flow

Optimisez votre trésorerie

"Factoring enables us to be competitive. It improves and secures cash flow, essential for a business’s day-to-day operations. As the company’s CFO, it lets me know, in real time, whether customers are solvent and protects us against unpaid invoices if a company becomes insolvent. Relations with our customers have improved, because we no longer have to chase them for payments."

Bespoke factoring services:

  • Receive cash within 8 hours of an invoice being issued, in France or abroad
  • Assessment of your prospects and customers and secured payments
  • Dunning and protection against unpaid invoices due to customer insolvency
  • Off-balance-sheet financing

You choose whether or not you retain management of your customer accounts. You choose whether or not BNP Paribas Factor manages the dunning for and protection against unpaid invoices.

You choose whether or not your factoring programme is confidential.


"With Export factoring, I was able to grow my exports with added peace of mind. 70% of my customer accounts have been outsourced to BNP Paribas Factor: a real commercial advantage"

Do you want to grow or expand your business abroad?

Discover Export factoring with BNP Paribas Factor. This product gives you a presence in nearly 100 countries worldwide and provides you with flexibility in your commercial negotiations, overcoming geographic, language and legal barriers.

With BNP Paribas Factor:
Organise your customer accounts and export

  • A factoring plan or set of factoring services tailored specifically to your needs
  • Raise cash quickly from your invoices in France and around one hundred other countries
  • Management of your invoices worldwide
  • Paperless invoices and electronic signature
  • Outsourced dunning and collections