Financing of your foreign subsidiaries

Financing of your foreign subsidiaries

Financing of your foreign subsidiaries

  • Do you have one or more subsidiaries abroad ?
  • Do you manage these entities centrally ? Or do you grant management autonomy to your subsidiaries ?
  • Do you want to rationalise the working capital requirements of your group and subsidiaries ?

BNP Paribas Factor offers you customised factoring solutions designed to finance, manage and secure receivables issued by your subsidiaries.

groupe europe

For centrally managed groups : for your European entities, we set up a framework agreement with a deed of accession for each subsidiary concerned by the programme. You will then have a single point of contact, unified conditions of intervention and single management reports tailored to your needs.

gestion decentralisée

For groups with decentralised management : through the BNP Paribas Factoring network operating in 17 countries**, we manage the implementation of solutions adapted to each of your subsidiaries. Your entities will thus benefit from specific conditions for intervention, agreements drafted in the language of the country and in local law, and will have an individual point of contact. You will also have a single dashboard for monitoring all uses.

* subject to the approval of the Credit Committee
** France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Turkey, Sweden, Poland, Ireland, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Ivory Coast.

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