Manage your accounting with ease with the new "factoring accounting" white papers

Livres Blancs Schémas comptables
We are pleased to present our new white papers "Factoring Accounting". These documents aim to better serve the companies we support on a daily basis.

By offering you an illustration of the accounting treatment of the various operations linked to your factoring contract, we hope to give you a complementary reading grid for its operation.

« This educational tool made available to you by BNP Paribas Factor, and produced by Cabinet Bricard, Lacroix et Associés, under the direction of Mrs. Agnès Bricard, Honorary President of the Conseil de l'Ordre des Experts Comptables, will enable you to effectively translate the general accounting mechanisms of our factoring solutions.» Eric Turbot, Deputy Managing Director for Commerce at BNP Paribas Factor.

It will also enable you to optimise the numerous data made available to you in your BNP Paribas Factor customer area.

 Livres blancs schémas

« The models presented in these white papers are offered as examples. Therefore, we invite you to contact your chartered accountant or auditor in order to validate the diagrams according to your individual configuration.» explains Agnès Bricard, d'Honneur of the Conseil de l'Ordre des Experts Comptables.

Factoring is nowadays a financing method that is increasingly used by companies as a common solution for mobilising trade receivables.

However, companies' accounting departments are not always prepared for the management and use of factoring solutions. The difficulties encountered focus on the accounting schemes and on the optimal use of the information and solutions available in the factoring companies' customer area.

This is why we have created an educational tool adapted to each factoring contract, which will make it easier for companies' accounting departments to benefit from the advantages of factoring.

Have a good read !

Download without further delay the white paper(s) adapted to your contract :

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