NEW : Estimate the cost of your export factoring contract !

NOUVEAUTÉ : Faites une simulation du coût de votre contrat d’affacturage à l’export !
Continuing to grow outside your home market can be scary for businesses and even risky. Are you looking for answers related to the financing of your export receivables, their management and the protection of your trade receivables? Export factoring may be the solution. Find out now how much this service costs your company thanks to our simulator.

Now available on the BNP Paribas Factor website, this simulator allows you to obtain an estimate of the cost of a factoring contract according to your characteristics and your needs.

Make an estimate of the cost of your export factoring contract.

What is export factoring ?

Export factoring enables you to finance your cash flow needs quickly, to secure your Financial risks and to push back geographical, linguistic and legal barriers. The service provides the exporter with financing for his invoice before the buyer pays it and protection against the risks of insolvency of his customers. In addition, the factor can also take care of reminding buyers (your customers) and collecting their invoices.

This gives you peace of mind when exporting !

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