White paper : "Risks, strategy, financing... export simpler than it seems".

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Every year, nearly 50,000 French companies start exporting goods and services. However, only 40% of them still export the following year.

Faced with this alarming observation, with Altares and Moci, we have joined forces to produce a white paper to provide exporting SMEs with a real insight into good export practices.

International trade is a subject that is both fascinating and frightening. It is fascinating because it is synonymous with business development and success. But it's also scary because it's about going into the unknown. Indeed, internationally, there are risks such as economic risk or exchange rate risk. However, we must not stop there. The international market is an incredible opportunity to develop your business, don't miss it  explains " Eric Turbot, Deputy Managing Director for Trade at BNP Paribas Factor.

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Indicators to help you choose the right of export

BNP Paribas Factor has designed this white paper in three concrete parts. The first, produced in collaboration with Altares, is an analysis of the countries with which France mainly collaborates. The aim is to provide exporters with a global vision of the economic context, risk, company insolvency and payment behaviour in the selected country or countries. This study will enable future exporters to determine the country or countries with which they wish to work.

« The exporter must first know his business environment and be interested in the risks inherent in the country in which he wishes to trade or invest. It is a question of measuring the political, economic, financial, societal and other risks. For example, if the central bank of the client country is no longer able to convert currency into foreign currency, it would be impossible to transfer funds out of the client's country, even though the client is solvent; payments would no longer be made and suppliers would not be paid. Altares constantly monitors not only the risk on companies but also the quality of the business environment in 132 countries because the notion of country risk is essential to conduct its export strategy in an enlightened manner. », says Thierry Millon, Director of Research at Altares.

A practical 10-step guide to exporting your business with confidence

The second part, produced by the IOM, is a guide to good practices in this field. Exporters will discover all the steps to follow in order to export effectively, such as: building a development strategy, successfully completing a market study, taking care of communication and securing and financing commercial operations.

« When you want to export your business, there are important steps to follow, in particular the export diagnosis and communication. In this guide, you will discover the 10 essential steps to exporting, a step-by-step guide to your new challenge », says Daniel Solano, Journalist at the MOCI.

Two business leaders explain how they launched their international business activity

The third and final part of this international white paper includes two testimonials from companies that have embarked on the adventure of exporting. They are Louis Marty, co-founder and Director of Merci Handy and Pierre-Yves Brézillon, Deputy Managing Director of Leslie Leonor International, the operational structure of Lolita Lempika. Louis Marty :

« When you want to export, you shouldn't have any preconceived ideas. We are very much shaped by our culture, our studies and we have to disregard all preconceived ideas. You have to test and see how it works.  »

Pierre-Yves Brézillon :

« It is essential to choose the right partner (distributor, financier...), a defaulting partner can be fatal for the company. It is therefore important to regularly monitor and animate its partners. »

Download this white paper now to develop your international business with peace of mind :  https://factor.bnpparibas/fr/livre-blanc-affacturage

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