Factor: Assistance for the entire term of the contract

Providing cash against invoices, chasing and collecting payments, effective management and protection of your receivables are the main solutions offered by the Factor.

BNP Paribas determines with you the services to deploy within your business: Factoring for finance, credit insurance to protect your trade receivables, chasing and collecting payments, as well as securing the supply chain to consolidate your company’s operations and growth.

BNP Paribas Factor helps you to grow your business. All its people deliver assistance and a unique experience to clients through a full range of services in France and abroad.

In less than 24 hours from submitting an invoice, your factor provides you with funds and, hence, a healthier cash flow. Factoring is a solution designed for start-ups, entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes and sectors.

BNP Paribas Factor provides you with a simple, timely and online factoring solution. It frees up time so that you can fully focus on running, consolidating and growing your business. You are provided with effective reporting tools to monitor your trade receivables in real time.

By outsourcing the chasing and collection of payments to your factor, you can devote all your time to running your business.


BNP Paribas Factor, factoring expert, has been ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified since April 2009.

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