Invoice payment: How to receive payment within 24 hours

If you are a large company and want to manage your suppliers’ invoices without any fuss, discover the benefits of Reverse Factoring.

Learn about the Reverse Factoring solution put in place by BNP Paribas Factor for JST Transformateurs, an EDF supplier, how it works, its benefits and key factors of success.

For the supplier of a large group it means faster payment of its invoices.

Reverse Factoring, or supply chain finance, is a solution whereby a large buyer (often a large company) negotiates with a Factor, on behalf of its suppliers, a solution for the early payment of its invoices.

The principle of Reverse Factoring is simple for the supplier: It chooses from among the invoices validated by the ordering party, those it wants to be paid before their due date. BNP Paribas Factor then pays the invoices within 24 business hours.

For the suppliers, this has numerous benefits: A competitive offer of financing solutions (at advantageous conditions), a solution that is quick to implement, optimised cash management (thanks to quick access to finance), a tool for monitoring invoices in real time, as well as a way of securing its financial activity and its commercial relations with one of its key customers

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