Receivables management: Stop waiting for your invoices to be paid

Growth is often achieved through exports, which requires thorough preparation..

Expanding your business into foreign markets can seem complicated on a finance level, since doing business outside your domestic market requires you to reassess your sources of funds and cash flow needs.

So, what are the benefits of export factoring?

Factoring protects you against the financial risks associated with international transactions, thanks to good information on prospective customers, protection against the risk of customers’ insolvency and the dunning & collection of receivables.

It is a simple solution that gives added peace of mind, enabling a company to calmly expand beyond its domestic market, while respecting the incoterms that best defend its interests.

Finance and grow your exports in over 60 countries worldwide thanks to a comprehensive range of solutionsprovided by BNP Paribas Factor: Quick finance, expertise and assistance, dunning and collection of receivables, as well as credit insurance.

Services that meet your needs for your export invoices to be paid and that help you overcome geographic, language and legal barriers.

Find out BNP Paribas Factor’s Export factoring offer, voted best export-import factor 2017 by FCI

Head of International Relations - BNP Paribas Factor
Philippe Gresta
Head of International Relations
BNP Paribas Factor
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